Our company 1980 years of experience gained to date and is a specialist on experience. It made clear in his design and design within the framework of; signaling pathways and projecting traffic intersection, Carpet manufacturing field and indoor gym scoreboard, tire, hydraulic , Vacuum machines with electronic content machine design and manufacture has come to this day. In recent years, our company VACUUM MACHINES gave weight to the issue and continue working in this direction. horizontal vacuum machines in our production, dual cup lid single vertical industrial type vacuum cleaner, vacuum packaging products capable of great weight and size, working under the pressure of the atmosphere developed by our company,first in Turkey, World in which atmospheric pressure vacuum machine has superior features than its peers BIGVAC 1050 BIGVAC 1250 and presented to our customers. Our company better our customers' requests and complaints to the manufacturer's number of studies have concluded that taking into consideration, The quality of the service allows us to offer better facilities were targeted to achieve. Nearby we have to work with in the future we will offer you our new advanced technology project.

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